After undergoing operation

A spokesperson for soul icon Aretha Franklin has revealed that she is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Aretha Franklin is a true music legend. Raised in the church, her early experience gave way to jazz and R&B leanings. The singer struck gold in 1967, with the release of her iconic 'Respect' cover.

Since then, Aretha Franklin has moved between soul, funk disco and of course her first love gospel. Still a powerful performer, the singer recently cancelled all tour dates until May amid rumours of ill health.

Recently entering hospital for a serious operation, the singer refused to divulge details about her condition. Now Aretha Franklin has admitted that she is suffering from a form of pancreatic cancer.

Widespread reports in the United States indicate that the iconic soul voice is suffering from ill health. Aretha Franklin underwent an operation recently, which was apparently successful in aiding her battle.

Releasing a statement earlier this month the soul icon explained that she had undergone “highly successful surgery”. Thanking fans for their support, Aretha Franklin said that she was "very anxious to get back on the road to perform for her fans".

However the prognosis in most cases of pancreatic cancer is not hopeful. The specific type of cancer which Aretha Franklin is suffering from is said to have between a 5% - 10% chance of recovery.

A stark warning, the singer has had other problems with her health recently. This summer the soul icon fell at home, breaking two ribs in the process and forcing Aretha Franklin to cancel live appearances.

Best wishes Aretha!

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