Welsh band continue to drop hints...
Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers are continuing to drop hints that a new studio album is incoming.

At their inception, Manic Street Preachers promised to sell 20 million copies and then split up. More than 20 years on, that sales total has proved to be optimistic but at least it's left fans with two decades of music which defiantly treads its own path.

Taking time off after 'Postcards From A Young Man', the group have begun to drop hints about fresh material. James Dean Bradfield has been open about the studio process, even insisting that the Welsh trio could released two separate LPs based on those (presumably fruitful) sessions.

The first is seemingly close to completion, with an acoustic direction widely expected. Now Nicky Wire has stoked speculation still further, with Gigwise noting that the bassist recently tweeted: "Misty+rainy morning in auckland-love it!-my copy of REWIND THE FILM-somehow sounds even better here-so atmospheric x" (via TLOBF)

'Rewind The Film' is said to be the working title of their new album, meaning that Nicky Wire could even be holding a test pressing. Also on the Twitter front, Manic Street Preachers recently changed the name of their account from @manicspostcards to simply @manics.

Now, we're now betting men and women, but if you read between the lines here...

For now, here's 'Postcards From A Young Man'.


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