As 9/9 deadline draws near...
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire are seemingly set to release a new single and video on Monday (September 9th).

It's been one of the summer's more curious mysteries. Posters emblazoned with the name 'Reflektor' appeared across North America, pointing towards September 9th.

Eventually, Arcade Fire owned up to the posters and confirmed that 'Reflektor' was indeed the name of their upcoming album.

Yet what will happen on September 9th? The Daily Beast reports that film maker Anton Corbjin has confirmed that Arcade Fire will release a new single and video on that date.

"I can’t say much more than that, because it’s all a surprise," he said, before adding, "You'll have to watch the TV Monday evening."

Earlier this week Arcade Fire posted a 40 second clip of new material online - check it out below.

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