Win Butler chats to Zane Lowe
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire's Win Butler is set to open up about the 'Reflektor' campaign in a new interview with Radio 1's Zane Lowe.

In a year dominated by high profile releases, Arcade Fire could yet top the lot. The 'Reflektor' campaign is only one single old, but already fans across the globe have been pulled into their web.

An interactive video for the track went live earlier this week, with David Bowie revealing that he recorded backing vocals on the single. Now Win Butler is set to open up about 'Reflektor' with Zane Lowe. (via Pitchfork)

A preview for the special Radio 1 feature has gone live, with Butler confirming that 'Reflektor' is a double album in the traditional sense. Featuring two distinct sides, the material is dominated by several lengthy tracks which clock in at over seven minutes.

Produced by James Murphy, the sound of 'Reflektor' will seemingly surprised long term Arcade Fire fans. Focussing on the build up, Win Butler insisted that the 'Reflektor' countdown was more like a "weird art project" and "throwing a good party."

Watch the video for 'Reflektor' below.

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