But European plans are still intact...
Animal Collective

Animal Collective have been forced to cancel more shows, with Avey Tare suffering "an intense case of strep throat".

Animal Collective haven't had a great start to 2013. The band ended last year on a high, playing a number of captivating UK shows which illuminated 'Centipede Hz'.

Since then, though, the band have been laid low. Announcing a series of North American dates, ill health has led to a series of postponements.

Recently canceling another batch of shows, Avey Tare wrote a lengthy apology to fans. It reads:

To all of the AC fans out there. I feel its best you hear it right from the horses mouth. It kills me to have to postpone all these shows and it's something I could never even have imagined happening. I'm positive that we were as excited as you all to visit all of your towns and have a good time together. But because of the strain on my voice that's being caused by an intense case of strep throat, I am unable to play any of these shows. Unfortunately, I wasn't diagnosed soon enough and haven't been able to kick this in the right amount of time. We promise you all that we are doing everything we can to reschedule all these shows asap and we will be visiting your cities. We hope you can all understand and sympathize with the situation. It's been really fun for all of us to be playing these days and the energy you all give us makes us want to take it further and further with you and give it right back. Hopefully, we can continue to do this together soon. Until then. Stay Well.

Support act Dan Deacon also wrote a note, which you can find HERE.  (via Pitchfork)

Good news? Thus far, those European shows are unaffected so Animal Collective should still be on course to headline this year's Field Day.


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