As Scottish singer previews 'Caustic Love'
Paolo Nutini x Angel Haze

Paolo Nutini is full of surprises.

Announcing an intimate (by his standards) London show, the Paisley singer chose the sadly under-used Boston Arms as a launchpad for new album 'Caustic Love'.

Picking Andy Smith as a warm up DJ, Nutini was able to walk on to orchestral funk classic 'The Edge' by David Axelrod - perhaps better known for being re-tooled as Dr Dre's 'The Next Episode'.

Diving straight in, Paolo Nutini led the band through 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' with horns blazing and his voice soaring up to the ceiling.

Choosing a cross section of material from his new album, the singer also threw in a few radically re-worked old favourites. '10 Out Of 10' is turned into a lavish, almost Prince-style valediction, while 'Cherry Blossom' has a raw, epic feel.

Recorded for his new album, the studio version of 80s tinged 'Fashion' utilises a guest appearance from Janelle Monae. Tonight, though, the Scottish singer welcomes Angel Haze to the stage and the New York rapper's impeccable flow fires word-bullets above the crowd's heads.

Welcomed back for an encore, Paolo Nutini unveils yet more new material before introducing a heavy, Simple Minds-esque rendition of 'Pencil Full Of Lead' and a snippet of 'New Shoes' in which the percussion veered towards Chicago house territory.

As we say, he's full of surprises.

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