With a politicised new album...

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are to release their new album 'Lost Songs' on October 22nd.

In an increasingly chaotic, bloody, politicised environment it's becoming difficult to stay remote from the problems you witness on the news. Returning with a new studio album - their eighth in total - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have decided to tackle these issues head on.

Set to be released on October 22nd, 'Lost Songs' promises to be an overtly political statement. Shaking things up, Conrad Keely and Jason Reece will again be joined by Autry Fulbright and Jamie Miller, who helped push 'Tao Of The Dead' to ear-bleeding levels.

ClashMusic has obtained a quick preview. Lead cut 'Up To Infinity' is streaming online now - listen to it below, after checking out some words from Conrad Keely.

"Hello, we are ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. This is our eighth album, it was recorded this summer in Hannover, Germany. The music was inspired by the apathy to real world events that has plagued the independent music scene now for over a decade. The first preview of our album, entitled 'Up To Infinity', is about the Syrian civil war. We believe that tyranny and despotism suffered by any people, anywhere, is intolerable and should not be treated as an internal matter, but completely justifies intervention by the international community".

"We would like to also dedicate this song to Pussy Riot."

The darkest days they lie before us
The world, a monster coming back to eat her master
Remember when we bathed with candles
The granite eyes of Horus
Danced about our naked mantles
This cross, which cross
Which cross is the one
This cross, which cross?
You‘ll hang the witches from?
A mother screams, a child answers
Her flesh is ripped apart and dashed upon the flagstones
A father cries, a soldier dances
Streets of fire, raped bodies piled among the ashes
Which son, which son, Which son is the one?
Is this son the one you waste your kingdom on?
The seven songs of spring
A dish to set before the king
The solemn secret signs
For those who died before their time
The fallen king is found
His mouth is gagged his hands are bound
The seven fiddlers play for those
Who won‘t survive this day
A mother screams
Which son is the one?

- - -

'Lost Songs' is set to be released on October 22nd. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have also confirmed the following shows:

9 Colchester Arts Centre
10 London Scala
11 Manchester Academy
13 Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
14 York Fibbers
15 Norwich Arts Centre

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