Item would have been sold for charity
Amy Winehouse

The dress Amy Winehouse wore to her wedding has been stolen from her home, the late singer's family have revealed.

More than a year on from her death, Amy Winehouse remains an icon. Items owned by the singer regularly appear at auction, and are beginning to fetch the kind of prices memorabilia experts normally associate with acts such as The Beatles or Elvis Presley.

Reacting to this, the singer's family planned to host a charity auction featuring some of the performers possessions. Sadly, though, during the catalogue process it was discovered that two items have already been stolen from her home in North London. According to a statement from the Winehouse family, the dress worn by Amy Winehouse to her 2006 wedding has been taken.

In addition to this, a newsprint cocktail dress has also been removed from the late singer's possessions. It is thought that the wedding dress could have raised up to £100,000 at auction while the cocktail dress may have fetched upwards of £3000.

The spokesman said: "A lot of clothes and items were left and they were being catalogued when it was realised these two were missing. They were going to go to the foundation but somebody might be trying to sell them for their own profit. People need to know they are not supposed to be out there on the market and they should not try to buy them."

"The dress Amy wore on the cover of Back To Black sold for £40,000 last year and the money went to the foundation, and another dress sold for £30,000 so the wedding dress could have raised as much as £100,000. Both the stolen dresses are part of Amy's story."

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