Joe Flory returns under new guise...
Amateur Best

London based producer Joe Flory is set to release a new album under his Amateur Best guise.

Once operating under the guise of Primary 1, Joe Flory developed a reputation for an intelligent brand of synth-pop. Taking time off, the producer returned earlier this year, using the new moniker Amateur Best to signal a shift in direction.

Working with Double Denim, the producer has just signed to the independent label in their first ever album deal. Completing work on new material, Amateur Best's debut full length 'No Thrills' will be released on February 4th.

Very much the product of Joe Flory's imagination, the album contains a number of guest appearances. 'Too Much' features Nick Hunt of Outfit on guitar, while hip hop extrovert Chilly Gonzales plays piano on 'Ready for the Good Life'.

Here's 'Too Much'.

- - -

1. Ready For The Good Life
2. Too Much
3. Villas
4.The Wave
5. Pleased
6. In Time
7. Walk In Three
8. Be Happy
9. Get Down
10. No Thrills


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