"this is not exciting news."
Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer has been forced to pull all of her upcoming shows, writing a note to fans by way of an apology.

Amanda Palmer has caused ripples throughout 2012. Returning with her new solo album, the songwriter decided to bypass the traditional label structure by employing a Kickstarter scheme. Causing schism with other artists - notably Steve Albini - the issue helped to force the media to debate the area of crowd funding.

Organising a number of worldwide tour dates, Amanda Palmer has now been forced to cancel all upcoming shows. Penning a note to fans, the songwriter opened the missive in straight talking fashion: "this is not exciting news." Retaining her upcoming New Year's Eve show - alongside those Kickstarter parties - the singer will postpone all other dates.

Seeking to re-arrange as many of the performances as possible, Amanda Palmer explained that despite this some shows would fall by the wayside.

With regards to European shows, Palmer wrote: "at the moment- we are not certain when these shows will be rescheduled. i DO plan to make up the tour, hopefully within a year. if you wish to hold onto your ticket, it will be valid for the rescheduled show. but we understand you may want the refund as the future is vague. to obtain a refund please contact the outlet you purchased your tickets from directly. they will handle the refund for you. sadly, the ticketing outlets cannot refund the actual booking fee, only the face value cost of the ticket. i'm really sorry about that one, but it's just the way the business works and its out of our hands. i really wish there was more we could do there. thanks for all your understanding, and let's all pray for the future of ticketing to change."

The reason for the postponement? Amanda Palmer has decided to help one of her best friends through cancer. "i have decided to postpone/cancel my upcoming tours so that i can stay in boston with my best friend anthony, who has cancer and just started treatment. we don't know what the outcome will be."

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