You could join his stage show...

Alice Cooper took on the role of sadistic Simon Cowell as he joined the panel of judges at today’s final round of auditions for his Night of Fear, which is set to hit London’s Alexandra Palace at the end of October. Today’s auditions were held in Hyde Park and we went along to see what was on offer from the weird and wonderful finalists.

The haziness of the hottest day of the year so far seemed apt for the performances that were in store. The judges were treated to fire breathing, contortionism, burlesque dancers – even a masochistic nurse. Loads of blood and gore. This wasn’t really your average Monday afternoon stuff, but each act really was jaw-dropping nonetheless.

The four lucky acts to win will be performing onstage with Alice Cooper at his Night of Fear, which will take place at London’s Alexandra Palace on 29th October. The winners will storm the stage at Ally Pally to, in Alice’s own words, “decorate the show”.

This year will be the second of the Halloween shows. Alice Cooper said: “Last year it was a freak show, so it was all kinds of strange things: people rolling in glass, guys with tubes in their nose with milk going in it, to the point where you’re going ‘What is that?!’.

“That’s really my kind of thing. I like to look at something and be surprised by it.”

It’s pretty safe to say surprise was one of the many emotions rushing around the crowd. We were surprised, shocked, amazed and, at times, a little bit appalled.

Alice Cooper also reflected on his gig that took place at the 100 Club last night. In true Alice Cooper style, the audience were surprised with a mystery guitarist. “Johnny D. from Tennessee” (A.K.A. Johnny Depp) joined Alice and co on stage at the tiny club in the heart of London.

Words by Emily Anderton.

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