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Radiohead singer Thom Yorke dropped past Alec Baldwin's WNYC radio show over the weekend - listen back to the show now.

Thom Yorke doesn't really do a lot of interviews, so when he does they tend to be quite special. At the weekend, Alec Baldwin hosted another of his shows for WNYC - and a special guest dropped by.

Chatting for just over an hour, the pair are on riveting form. Alec Baldwin proves himself to be a capable host, allowing Thom Yorke space to chat about everything from the first time he attempted making music on a computer to the reason Ed O'Brien was allowed in the group which would become Radiohead ("he was dressed like Morrissey and had some cool socks").

As Pitchfork point out, the show has emerged online via the following widget:

Or you could just read the full transcript HERE.


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