Leeds' finest deliver debut album...
Pink Fur

A rough, tough northern town, Leeds also has a thriving arts and music scene.

Boasting a history of dressing up for going out, the independent republic of Leeds continues to churn out groups with a real independent streak.

Groups such as Post War Glamour Girls. Playing house parties and make-shift venues across the city, the group quickly became Leeds' best-kept secret.

Dressing like vamps and sounding like The Cramps, the band's brooding yet glamorous post-punk quickly won them fans across the country.

Debut album 'Pink Fur' has taken months to assemble, with Post War Glamour Girls taking their time to make sure that each step is correct.

A brave, chaotic, inspiring piece of work, 'Pink Fur' is a tribute to the band's idiosyncrasies, to their appetite to progress as they see fit.

Out today (February 10th) you can listen to it first on Clash.

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