"Taking a breather" they insist

American rock legends Aerosmith have denied that they are splitting, with Joe Perry claiming a new album is on the horizon.

Aerosmith are one of the best selling American groups of all time. With frontman Steven Tyler's stage presence, out-sized lips and golden voice the band propelled themselves into rock history with a series of strutting hits.

However the band have been beset by trouble recently. In August Tyler fell off stage during a concert in the United States, injuring himself in the process.

As a result Aerosmith were forced to cancel their entire North American tour, including a series of dates in Canada. In a recent interview the band's Joe Perry has claimed he was "upset" with frontman Steven Tyler, sparking rumours of a split.

Speaking to press, Joe Perry has now denied that Aerosmith are due to break up. "Maybe we have three more records in us. Maybe we have five, seven years of touring," Perry told the Boston Herald.

"(We're) taking a breather" he added, but claimed that he hoped the band would reconvene in spring to begin recording their next album - before possibly going back out on the road.

However Aerosmith could be back in action quicker than anyone expected. The band are due to play a special concert on the Hawaiian island of Maui next month as a result of a special class action.

Residents on the island brought the law suit after Aerosmith cancelled a show there without any notice, impacting upon the local economy.

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