Yep, it's happening...

Sometimes a news story will land our desk so tasty, so damn hot that it can't be ignored.

However this isn't one of them. It is Friday afternoon, however, so let's run with this.

Adele and Phil Collins are working together. The one time Genesis drummer has been in semi-retirement for a number of years, but recently indicated his intentions to get back into The Game.

Speaking to Inside South Florida, Phil Collins explained that he has been working with Adele. The British soul singer tracked him down, as Collins "wasn’t actually too aware" of the globally successful, multi-award winning singer.

According to Phil Collins, working with Adele is "educational" and "always an eye-opener". As yet, there is no indication for a release date on Phil Collins x Adele material.

(via FACT)

Here's a funny clip.

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