REM star "needs a makeover"

New York anti-folk star Adam Green has slated Michael Stipe, telling the REM singer to get a makeover.

Adam Green isn't exactly known for keeping quiet on issues that cross his mind. The New York singer has made a career out of his acerbic and at times surreal wit, crossing this with a knowledge of American folk music.

Recently, however, the singer has swapped coffee house chic for something a little more glamourous. Dressing up in authentic 70s bell bottoms the one time Mouldy Peach has begun citing French lothario Serge Gainsbourg as an influence.

In an uproarious interview with ClashMusic the New Yorkers lets rip at some of his contemporaries, as well as spinning a few yarns in the process.

"I started in show business at a very young age" he claims. "I was a famous dancer who did Kodak commercials and my name was ‘DJ Donald Duck’. I was bisexual at that point in my life and being gay allowed me to glam it up. I then started wearing all this Nazi shit and my publicist went mad, even though everybody knows I’m the biggest kyke in NYC.”

Continuing, Adam Green referred to his Jewish origins. "I think the concept of an icon is the most important thing that magazines ever taught me" he explained.

"I’m on my way for sure to be the ultimate fashion icon of the ‘Jew NYC’ scene, with the folk singers who look like Bob Dylan crossed with Benicia. Everybody calls me ‘The Jewish James Dean’.”

Finally, Adam Green slated R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe for his lack of style. “Michael Stipe needs a makeover really badly; I saw him in the elevator wearing a fucking blanket, acting quite the fool. I of course don’t plan on tolerating this type of style from him in the future, because he was really annoying and made me feel crummy.”

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