Drummer suffers after group 'meltdown'

Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek has spoken about his reasons for leaving the group.

Babyshambles thrive on anarchy. However recently the band seems to be spiralling out of control, with several members of the band leaving in acrimonious circumstances.

A show in London earlier this summer saw Pete Doherty take to the stage with an almost entirely new line up, prompting walk outs and cat calls from the crowd. The singer had been talking tough ahead of their new album, promising to complete the finest Babyshambles material to date.

However the shake up leaves the band's future in doubt. Amongst those jettisoned was Adam Ficek, the jovial drummer whose own material is highly regarded by fans.

Speaking on his blog, the drummer labelled the situation as "the Babyshambles meltdown". Opening his statement with a beleaguered "Where do I start?" Adam Ficek described the past few months of the group.

"It's been a very dark, miserable and upsetting time regarding the band. Something I feel is an intrinsic part of me has been lost" he explained. "It's very difficult to go into detail about the situation – it's all a bit wobbly but I'll do my best when things settle a little. Apologies, I know you're all waiting for the gossip!"

Meanwhile, Babyshambles have replaced Adam Ficek with the one time Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey. A close friend of Doherty's, the drummer made his debut appearances at this year's T In The Park festival.

Meanwhile, Adem Ficek is continuing to record solo material under the name Roses Kings Castles. Working on a new album, the drummer plans to recruit a full band to tour the material.

"It was a new thing for me to play with a band of chums, we didn’t get many rehearsals and we lost our trumpet player but like always we put ‘ones head down and soldier on’. I’m just in the middle of sorting the album release tour for Nov, it’ll be full band again for 10 dates around the UK. Well also be doing instores and radio sessions as we hit the country".

"There’s also lots of Euro dates and a stint in Japan so get signed up for info, unfortunately I can’t afford to take the band over so it’s me solo. But don’t worry I’ve been learning to play tambourine with my left foot so it’s going to be mega."

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