Bon Scott To Be Immortalized

The life of legendary AC/DC singer Bon Scott is set to be immortalized in a new film to be directed by Australian film-maker Bon Scott, according to reports.

Bon Scott was the focal point for the group, and lead AC/DC from the bar-rooms of Australia to touring the world. His dramatic stage presence, innuendo laden lyrics and stunning voice made him an iconic frontman amongst a generation of hard rockers. However Scott died tragically in 1980 after a night of heavy drinking.

AC/DC returned with the album 'Back In Black', which saw them become global stars. Interestingly, Scott was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland not far from the Clash office - must be something in the water.

In a recent interview AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young revealed that Scott's presence was still with the group. "He's always there. He never left the band. That's just the way that we are. You know, we're very tight as a unit. It's the reality of it all. You just never forget. There's so many stories with Bon, and it creeps in every day. And if it's not one of the band, it's a fan."

The AC/DC movie will begin shooting next year, according to reports.


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