Life On The Plasticine Wave
Aardman's 'The Pirates' Trailer

You're either a pirate or a ninja, or so they say. If that's the case I'm definitely a ninja. I've had enough of avast me hearties, timber shivering, grog drinking and hoary olde salt dogs to last me more than a lifetime. Don't get me started on the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. That said, we all love an Aardman animation so an exception will have to be made in this case.

It's been five years since the Oscar winning stop motion studio has released a film and they plan on releasing two very close together. 'The Pirates' is a tale of life on the ocean wave and competing in the 'Pirate Of The Year Award' with a motley cast of on board characters, a pirate hating queen and a dodo that thinks it's a parrot.

Based on the humorous novel by Gideon Defoe and directed by Aardman stalwart Peter Lord it's the first time the studio have worked with Sony Pictures. Featuring the voices of Hugh Grant (current national treasure due to his part in breaking the phone hacking scandal), Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton and David Tennent, the film is due for release next spring.


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