"I just think she has a beautiful voice..."
Jessie Ware

A$AP Rocky has spoken of his desire to work with Jessie Ware.

It's fair to say that A$AP Rocky has an eye for the ladies. One of the most hyped properties in hip hop, the self-proclaimed "pretty motherfucker" has been linked with a cavalcade of beautiful women.

So it's no surprise to learn that Jessie Ware has caught his attention. Chatting to the BBC recently, the rapper explained that he was desperate to work with the 'Devotion' singer.

"I knew about her since last summer. I'm working with her, I'm going to work with her. I want to bad," he said. "I don't care about her being a star, I just think she has a beautiful voice and a lot of talent. I haven't got the chance or honour to meet her yet - I just love her art."

For her part, Jessie Ware recently sampled Bronx rapper Big Pun for her track '110%'. Produced by Julio Bashmore, the song was later re-tooled as ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’ for its release in the American market. "We thought the [Big Pun] sample had been cleared otherwise we wouldn’t have been stupid enough to put it on my album" she told Clash recently. "The guy that was clearing the sample for us died which was one of those really unfortunate situations. I made matters worse by saying “Fuck Big Pun!” but it was a joke. It wasn’t me dissing Big Pun. I wrote a love song about him - I obviously love the man. It was me thinking I was being funny, when there were loads of journalists in the room."

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