Catch that Pretty Mother F***** in London This Friday
A$AP Rocky

The young rapper from Harlem, who's has the coolest government name ever - Rakim - will be dropping his long-awaited debut album 'Long.Live.A$AP' tomorrow and to celebrate he will be making a live appearance at Camden Proud's Friday night party, LOVEDOUGH.

You either love him or you hate him but A$AP Rocky is shaking hip-hop to it's core foundations right now and the hipsters are eating it up like BBQ flavoured lentil beans whilst the 'purists' are probably shaking their boomboxes' with unrighteous indignation.

Meanwhile, the rest of us normal peons are trying to see what the fuss is about. Honestly though, if you don't know who A$AP Rocky is maybe you should crawl out of troll cave you've been dwelling inside for the past year and go to his album launch show at Camden's Proud Gallery this Friday (January 18th).

The doors open at 7:30PM and will feature live performances from Cleo Sol, Roxanne, Kimberly Anne and Antiqué as well as DJ Sets from the Dixion Bros and Super Hero. Entry is £8 and you must bring ID as most of you young whipper snappers probably have undeveloped mustachios and high pitched voices.

Here's 'Long Live A$AP'.

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Words by Jerry Gadiano


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