deadmau5 responds...

deadmau5 has responded to A Guy Called Gerald's open letter against him with a short statement.

deadmau5 remains a divisive figure. For some, the producer is a hero, helping to spearhead electronic music's assault on the Stateside charts. For others, he is a pure charlatan, someone who has based his career on hype and the lowest common denominator beats.

British legend A Guy Called Gerald lashed out at deadmau5 earlier today, in a blog posting which swiftly went viral. Taking issue with a recent interview in Rolling Stone, the producer wrote: "The only button you and people like you are interested in pushing is a nuke for the Palestinians. You come into our system that we have nurtured for the last 25 years, trick hardworking people into giving you their money, con honest promoters, take large sums of money out of the system and then spit back into our faces that YOU are tricking everyone".

"I agree there are loads of people like you who do fake it. It is easy with the software you are using. Don’t worry we are going to find ways of stopping you. You greedy rat head fuck".

Pretty damning stuff. Holding a Q&A session with fans on his Tumblr, deadmau5 was asked his feelings on this rant. "i dont give a fuck. esp with the anti-sematic statement about ‘nuking palestine’ ??? what an ignorant fuck. im not going to even give him the time of day. waste of time. let him go back to being no longer relevant."

Later, deadmau5 posted a more general comment on the negativity he receives. "i have a cat, a studio, all the music making gear i need, and some lovely fans who remain true to my craft. and as irrelevant as i’ll become, ill likely live out the rest of my days, paying taxes, living comfortably as a nondescrip musician who wont be making headlines, selling out arenas. because i have no idea what thats like or anything. wow, im really doomed here. watch me laugh it off while it happens, continuing to do what i love to do."

Read his full postings HERE.

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