Grab 'Poltergeist' now...

A Grave With No Name has released new album 'Poltergeist' as a free download.

Real name Alexander Shields, A Grave With No Name has been a ghostly, insidious influence on the British music scene for some time. Recently releasing new album 'Whirlpool' the songwriter completed a trilogy of spectral, marble-hewn shoegaze with a stunningly introverted feel.

Very much in a new direction, A Grave With No Name has just uploaded an album of new material. 'Poltergeist' shares some of the atmosphere of his previous work, but finds Shields exploring fresh sonic spheres.

Working alone with only hardware, the songwriter utilises extremely basic equipment, with each track revolving around his guitar, a basic drum machine and a few spoken word samples.

Shuffling between the avant blues of Royal Trux and almost Erased Tapes levels of ambience, 'Poltergeist' is an intriguing new step from an ever-probing talent.

Listen to 'Poltergeist' below.

'Poltergeist' will be given a limited cassette release on Daniel Blumberg's Boiled Egg label as part of International Cassette Store Day this weekend.

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