With Primal Scream, Goldie, Bonobo

View a photo gallery capturing the Guernsey Festival of Performing Arts 2011.


What do you know about Guernsey? Something about Matt Le Tissier, Nazi occupations and cows? Same here, so when we heard that Primal Scream, Example, Lissie, Goldie, Chipmunk and the 12 year-old drummer from Britain’s Got Talent were all heading over for the weekend, we climbed aboard a cosy little propeller plane, took a half-hour jaunt across the channel (you should have seen how quickly those stewardesses got their duty-free down the aisles) and were soon looking over a gorgeous harbour with a couple of random members of The Go! Team.

Turns out the island is a few square miles of heaven – you actually need a special license to live here – with it’s own quasi-government and its own rules: no VAT, for instance, which is very handy in the pub. Now they have their own proper festival, which also plays by its own rules, hence the line-up is intriguing…

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Photos by Hazel Gumble

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