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Festivals act as an enormous panorama of youth culture.

Peering over the summer season, virtually every style and taste is catered for, from family friendly, acoustic led fare to noisy, brutal, underground dance music. Put simply: it's a wide spectrum.

For some, it's an excuse to show off. For others, something a little more practical is called for. Clearly, fashion is an important part of the festival calendar, where what you wear can make or break a weekend.

Camden Crawl is fast approaching, so we tracked down some of the acts involved to get their thoughts.

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Charli XCX
Do EVERYTHING. Glitter / ball gowns / Doc Martins / feathers / velvet / furs. And if it's themed - take it to the next level!

Lady Leshurr
Sandals with socks is a no-no.

The Alpines (Catherine Pockson)
I tend to have a survival approach to festival dressing which includes a lot of lycra (optimum movement), colour (easily recognisable) and a bum bag (freedom of movement). Being able to roam and dance freely is very important to me and tends to guide my dressing. I would avoid the 'all-in-one' because it makes life very tricky when you have to spend a penny. That and leather, as soon as the sun comes out it will be the last thing you want to wear and if it rains it will weigh a tonne!

Throwing Up (Camille Benett)
I guess there was the one year I went to everything dressed as Eminem's mum. At SXSW everyone, including me, wears so much tie-dye, this year I just kept saying to Clare "the weird thing is I don't even like tie dye" but it really gets you in the Austin mood. Is puking for an hour straight into my hypercolour t-shirt as it changed colours with the heat of my vomit a fashion related incident? Do not do that if you want to be having a good time.

Glasvegas (Paul Donoghue)
A big fashion do is Wellies. You'll regret it if you don't wear these and it rains. They do have a tendency to get stuck in mud though so that's a drawback. A fashion don't is wear white. One wrong streak of mud and you can get very funny looks from people, and they won't believe it's mud!

Fear Of Men
Just be practical. When you are sleeping in a tent it's not the time to be sexy.

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Camden Crawl runs between May 5th - 7th.

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