Made for bigger things
Wild Beasts Live

As Wild Beasts walk onto the tiny stage at Leicester’s Y Theatre, it’s clear that a change has taken place. The day has been milestone for the Kendal outfit, who, having released their third album, 'Smother', the same day, have gone viral.

No strangers to success, the band have thus far received some of the highest industry accolades available, without truly breaking out in a mainstream capacity. May 9 is the day that this changed. Successful, but relatively low-key, indie bands do not spend the day trending on Twitter.

However uncomfortable Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming are with the concept of fame, tonight they are in their element. Playing songs cherry-picked from albums old and new. A huge weight has been lifted with the release of 'Smother' – they tell the crowd – it’s the day they’ve let the world see their efforts. It also marks a new chapter after an exhausting two years spent touring Mercury nominated 'Two Dancers'.

Throughout the set, both men prove to be willing, and talented, multi-instrumentalists, changing between keys, bass and guitar seamlessly - while Thorpe’s vocal, which has been accused of ostentation in the past, seems made for live performance - countertenor filling every corner of the small theatre. The camaraderie of the four-piece (five with Katie Harkin of Sky Larkin fame) is something to behold. Highbrow sexual and literary lyrics are rife for those who like a wry eyebrow raise. And quite honestly who doesn’t?

It’s no secret that Wild Beasts are made for bigger things; the entire night smacks of the satisfaction felt from seeing a band that are playing a venue they have outgrown since original booking. Tom Fleming will have associations piled on him for being positively Garvey-esque while the Elbow links aren’t likely to stop there. If you get a chance to see Wild Beasts do so as quickly as possible – the double-edged sword of fame is fast falling…

Words by Sam Ballard

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