With Diplo, Dj Mujava

Each year at Trans Musicales, they have a featured residency.

This year, the week long residency held at L'Aire Libre is highlighting music from the Faroe Islands artists Orka (featuring French artist Yann Tiersen) as well as support from Budam. Clash are invited to a reception at the venue before the gig on Saturday hosted by the Faroe Islands government to raise awareness of their local music scene. Sadly we're unable to stay for Orka, as there is so much on at Le Parc Expo today. We just about manage two songs of Budam, which we're not sure is comedy or so deeply art house we're missing the point. Apparently, Orka feat. Yann Tiersen were a considerable improvement.

L'Aire Libre is located just outside the town centre, but not as far as Le Parc Expo. As we leg it from the venue, we're told it's about a 10 minute walk. After walking for a good 20 minutes, we end up at a deserted Rennes Airport. The aircraft hangers must be located around here somewhere, right? If yes, why is this place so deserted? Just as we realise we're lost and have no idea where we are, a driver with festival passes hanging around her neck and a passenger appear walking towards a van. She says we're miles away and you can't even get a cab out here. She looks at her passenger, who is obviously a DJ and asks if he would mind if we jumped in. He doesn't mind at all and he is the lovely US based UK DJ SWITCH. Clash are eternally grateful for his kindness. To show are gratitude, we pretend to be his tour manager when we arrive at Le Parc Expo, rush him through accreditation and get him to his dressing room in record time. This is despite the fact we don't have any of the relevant passes that would allow us in the production area in the first place. Once we repay the favour he's done for us, and being honest people, we quickly rush out of the dressing room area before we're detected as invaders.

So it's in to the hanger hosting The Residents. The legends are so out there, its ridiculous and genius at the same time. It's mixes music and story telling like a rock opera and would make a great theatre piece (which we hear later, this actually IS a theatre piece they've done). It's like watching the scene of an accident; you know you shouldn't but just can't stop watching. Due to the entire set being English, we hope the predominantly French audience is not lost.

UK act Ebony Bones features Ebony Thomas, who until recently was a TV sitcom actor. She looks like a UK Bjork with her wildly comical attire and she sounds like Tina Turner on crack. This is definitely a compliment as she and her large ensemble all create an amazing sound that is somewhere between soul and indie rock.

In search of a brief respite after EB, we hear that we missed a two-song set from Gablé on the French national radio stage in the VIP area. This was just not our weekend to catch this most talked about band and we're gutted.

It's straight back to the action with SWITCH. Well, he is our new best friend after all and it would be rude not to watch his set. He mixes really good happy house which starts building as the crowds start pouring into the aircraft hanger for a dance (and I'm not just saying this because I feel I need to).

We quickly manage to catch a few tracks from Americans The Black Angels and despite sounding amazing, the dark pysch-rockers are not the sound we're looking for at this late hour in fear we may actually sit down, realise we have festival fatigue after four long days and zone out for the rest of the night. (If zoning out sounds appealing to you…listen to this band).

Another respite before it's off to a roof-raising set from Diplo. The American mash-up-ologist created a marvellous atmosphere mixing indie garage rock, grunge, disco, funk and reggae in the wee hours of ensuring everyone ended the last day of the festival on a high.

Now 7.00am and fatigue has well and truly set in. We only manage a few songs from festival closer, South African DJ Mujava.

Mr Trans Musicales, Jean-Louis Brossard, is certainly a man who knows how to deliver good music to those of us who want to hear it. He also knows how to run a great city festival. It was worth every lost hour of sleep for four straight days of chasing the next big thing. Many of the bands we saw are sure to make appearances in the UK, as well as around Europe, in the next 12 months.

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