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The Heartbreaks / Bibelots for Merc Live

Cut from the same cloth as luminaries such as Orange Juice and Elvis Costello, Morecambe’s likely lads The Heartbreaks strike an impressive silhouette as they run through their anthems in the making this evening. First up however, is Bibelots whose mixture of confidence and big tunes usher the night in with a bang. Swaggering but never cocky, the band mix electronic pulses with big choruses, coming off like an early incarnation of Kasabian with added attitude.

With model good looks, The Heartbreaks Matthew Whitehouse stands lean and primed with his guitar slung low and his passion high. His voice is the shining light in The Heartbreaks emotive anthems which all soar at precisely the right moments. ‘Liar, My Dear’ is embedded with a sense of melancholy with Whitehouse singing about how the rain stings his cheeks and soaks his hair, any sentiment is soon swept away however by his three band mates driving guitars and pounding drums that, somewhat ironically, get hearts beating. With their retro sense of style and slick hair cuts it’s easy to imagine that The Heartbreaks have stepped straight out of a 1950’s novel and new single ‘Jealous Don't You Know’ only stamps that same sense of antique class on tonight’s proceedings.

However, as Whitehouse says, “We’re just four scamps from the seaside” and before they depart for the biting air and seagulls squawks of their native town, The Heartbreaks end with their most iconic song to date. ‘I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You’, with its mixture of under the sheets confession and brothers in arms celebration, shows this intimate crowd what could be the makings of a very special band indeed.

Watch a video report from the gig below.

View a photo gallery from The Heartbreaks and Bibelots' gig at London's Gibson Guitar Centre for Merc Live HERE. Photos by Marc Sethi.

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