With Paris Suit Yourself, Little Dragon...
Paris Suit Yourself at The Great Escape

Day two of The Great Escape in Brighton promised to be another day of great gigs so we put our hangovers to one side and made our plans as to who we were going to see.

First up was an acoustic session by Ghostpoet. This London based MC delivers witty tales in an almost lazy style over the top of flowing beats and melodic guitar lines. Definitely one to watch out for in 2011

Next on our agenda was Winter Gloves. Hailing from Montreal, Canada Winter Gloves deliver well crafted Synth Pop with their latest album 'All Red' released at the end of 2010. They managed to get the tightly packed crowd dancing from the get go which is no mean feat in the cavernous sweat box that is the club 'Life' on Brighton Seafront.

After Winter Gloves we hot footed it across town to see Cap Pas Cap at the Hope. The duo from Dublin have been described as "Edgy, daring and sparky" and from listening to them before the festival I would have agreed. Unfortunately their live show didn't evoke the same feelings, minimum movement from both members and the same repeated melody left most of the crowd feeling bored and uninspired.

Paris Suit Yourself were scheduled to play the Hope straight after Cap Pas Cap and after hearing lots of good things we were hoping they would make up for the previous act and by God did they make up for it!

A French-US collective, combining razor-edged Keith Levene-like guitar, crazed polyrhythmic drums and the free-associating lyrics of lead singer Luvinsky Atche, their sound has been honed in the clubs, squat parties and illegal warehouse happenings of Berlin. Aggressive, funny and disturbing (pouring vodka into the mouths of anyone in the front row who was up for it), PSY combine the aesthetics of Public Enemy with the melodies of mid-period Bowie and the race politics of Frantz Fanon.

Last on our list of must see acts was Little Dragon who packed out the seafront club Digital. Hailing from Sweden with a Swedish-Japanese front woman, their electronic groove is perfect for a club gig and it showed with the majority of the crowd dancing their sweaty little hearts out, myself included!

Words and photo by Ollie George

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