With Mumford & Sons, The Futureheads, Los Campesinos!...
Summer Sundae 2010 - Sunday

After drying off our jeans and binning the wellies, this morning we heavily raised our heads to find Leicester full of sunshine.

In celebration we headed over for an all day breakfast and the beautiful warblings of Summer Camp. Unfortunately the band have to make do with the inside stage, but even they manage to bring some sunshine into the dark. With their high rise vocals and comforting synths we walk beaming into the sunshine and find The Crookes and Junip.

But nothing strikes a chord like Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three. After stumbling across the skiffle group (complete with washboard) we stand through two encores as the US band gives us a unique slice of the blues.

Los Campesinos! are the perfect festival band. Constantly surprising yet still wonderfully rough around the edges, they bring a combination of their three albums’ works together. As soon as lead singer Gareth’s angst ridden voice pipes up the crowd are in pieces. From ‘You, Me, Dancing’ to “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’ the floor becomes twisted with floundering students.

It’s not long before we enjoy Frightened Rabbit’s huge crowd. There's a definite vibe of the underdogs winning the day as the group muster all their energy into the overflowing room.

While everyone else battles their way to Mumford and Sons, we can’t help but find a soft spot for The Futureheads. ‘The Chaos’ is such an onslaught but soon the group show their lighter side, leaving us laughing, throbbing and thoroughly exhausted.

Words by Ruth Offord

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