Impossible to fault

Day one of Sónar, and the first act to really draw a crowd is Dan Snaith’s ever-impressive Caibou. The queue to get into the tent to watch them is predictably absurd, with much pushing, shoving, raised voices, spilling of beers, and furrowed brows aplenty. However, Caribou’s soothing-yet-danceable tones soon calm the atmosphere.

Playing a set largely consisting of tracks from the recent, wonderful ‘Swim’ album, Caribou’s live set is – as on record – the perfect fusion of electronic and organic, with Snaith occasionally taking up duties as a second drummer during the hectic jam sessions, creating an awesome wall of rhythm.

The band also exploit the dance element of their sound for a suitably beat-driven Sonar crowd, the highlight of which is an extended exploration of the techno groove of ‘Bowls’. The crowd lap it up. The wonky bass riff and fuzzy synths of ‘Odessa’ also provide another opportunity for the audience to get stuck in – the tent is now a sea of smiles and dancing. All good indeed.

A few earlier Caribou tracks (such as the impossibly lovely harmonies of ‘Melody Day’) demonstrating the band’s former psychedelic dream-pop tendancies also go down a treat.

The set finishes with ‘Jamelia’ – the closer from ‘Swim’ – and the lush, trippy tones of ‘Sun’, again going off on a welcome whig-out electronica tangent, finishing in suitably grand style. As always, it’s simply impossible to fault Snaith and his crew when they play live. Whatever the rest of the weekend brings, this performance will stick in the memory. Depending on how many mojitos are consumed, of course.

Words by Tristan Parker

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