Day one with Fatboy Slim, Pendulum, Friendly Fires...
Fatboy Slim on stage at Rockness 2010

Clash's intrepid reporters are onsite at Rockness 2010 and will be reporting back all of Friday's going-ons below.

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The road and the miles to Inverness are immediately made worthwhile by the welcome - skies (not quite glorious) beaming sun across the famed Loch. But there's no sea lizard here to greet us, merely Flood of Red in the Clash Arena. The band blast through a quick selection from their debut album, mixing electro beats with metal before its time to check out some of the DJ talent.

Better known for their Mercury nominated debut, Friendly Fires prove themselves to be no mean shakes behind the turntable. Whereas some indie bands simply hit 'play' this mob actually mix, with the crowd roaring to their mix of house classics.

Crystal Castles are always a test for any security team, and the RockNess hard men have a tough task looking after Alice Glass. The singer repeatedly throws herself into the crowd, exhorting the RockNess main stage into bigger spasms of frenzy. 'Alice Practice' causes a crowd surge, and the sounds suddenly stops. After a telling off from a burly gentlemen the sound resumes, with the crowd going completely batshit crazy.

Welcome to RockNess!

Words by Roving Robin

- - -

A quick pit stop at the Drambuie tent finds the Clash team re-united in front of the world cup screen. Who's playing? Who knows? The fine spirit goes down either way.

The Rizla arena looks inviting with Toddla T playing what will be the first of two sets. Joined by MC Serocee the Sheffield dancehall titan rattles through a breakneck set in which he plays every but dancehall! Well, a few Jamaican plates meet the turntable but UK funky, techno and more span a diverse set.

Fatboy Slim's clarion call of 'Right Here, Right Now' brings fans streaming forth to the Main Stage. With enormous screens either side, Norman Cook returns to his spiritual home. Interesting fact: in the five years RockNess has run for ol' Fatboy has played three times.

Yet he always entertains, reaching deep into his bag of tricks to keep the Scottish crowd raving. Dropping a mixture of old favourites and current remixes, Fatboy Slim even nods to his French electro star Herve.

Finishing in some style, the crowd departs to soak up the music from the multitude of late night emporiums.

Words by Joe Mofrad

Does it ever rain in Scotland? Tempting fate but today has gone without a hitch. Clouds stream by overhead, but the ground remains dry.

A quick visit to the Drambuie bar to take in the World Cup is followed by a visit to the Rizla Arena. Packed to capacity, a quick ceilidh in the Wrong Ness tent is called for.

After the odd Eightsome Reel or two, the Main Stage calls. Fatboy Slim has a special relationship with RockNess, having inadvertently spawned the event in 2006. Returning to check out his protege, the Big Beat icon is on fine form mixing old classics with some cutting edge remixes.

One sad point though... is it really eleven years since the release of 'You've Come A Long Way Baby'?

- - -

Benga is arguably the most influential producer dubstep has spawned. Pushing ultra-bass into new directions, the DJ plays a few of his own productions tonight. With the bass throbbing beneath our feet, Clash catches a storming set by the London DJ. Backed by Toddla T, he stormed the Rizla Arena with fans queuing up outside to catch some floor wobbling action.

Pausing only to shake hands with the front row, Benga proves that bass is the main currency in cutting edge dance.

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