With Common Tongues, Will and the People, King Jacks and Foreign Office

Replay’s Road Trip to Bestival had one last visit to a Replay store for the last in-store gig before setting up shop at this year’s Bestival. The tour pulled up to Replay in London’s Covent Garden and offloaded an array of competition winning bands encompassing folk, indie, pop and even a little bit of ska.

Replay went all out setting up a mini venue amidst their clothing rails. The backdrop was a forest of branches, out from which shone the neon red Replay sign. In stark contrast, overhead hung an elaborate chandelier, mixing a bit of class into the rustic festival vibe.

After a couple of complimentary beers were cracked, the crowd gathered round the stage and welcomed the first band of the night: Common Tongues. Easing the night in with what, at first, seemed like a gentle lullaby led by Andrew Stuart-Buttle on violin. The tone soon changed as the acoustic guitars perked up and took the lead. Dressed the part, the five Brighton boys were coordinated in both sound and style, each kitted out in a checked shirt and sunglasses. This country vibe fitted right in with the bushy backdrop.

Common Tongue, Oli Hinkins, announced that the band will soon be heading over to Bordeaux to get some writing done: “And when I say writing, I mean drinking!” It’ll be great to hear how the French wine district acts as the band’s muse, considering they followed this up with a song inspired by the film ‘True Romance’.

Next up, Will and the People bounced on stage with a sprightly confidence. Their energy was only surpassed by their rhythm. An offbeat style coupled with catchy pop/ska meant the only members of the audience not dancing along were the shop’s mannequins. There was even a cow bell – what more could you want? After watching them bop through their set, it’s clear to see that Will and his people won’t fail to get the Bestival crowd bopping along too.

King Jacks owned the stage next with his assertive indie pop. Although he’s a multi-instrumentalist, Richard Forbes let his band play the tunes as he captured the audience with his voice and moves. Ears pricked up and the crowd grew more and more attentive throughout the set. Although a couple of meandering audience members got a bit of banter fired their way “Go on, off you go to H&M!” he joked, with a wink and a cheeky grin. Maybe not as confident as he seemed, King Jacks chuckled “We should’ve rehearsed” but it sounded just fine to me.

Foreign Office rounded off the night playing songs from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Alaska’. Their debut EP is set for release in October, but if you want a preview, be sure to get down to Bestival to catch their performance at the Replay tent. “I dunno if you’ve had a dance around in a jeans shop before, but there’s a first time for everything I suppose.” The band ended with the single ‘Leaving the House’ and everyone had a dance around in a jeans shop.

So what more could you want from Bestival’s Replay line up? Well, there is so much more. Check out the full line up of competition winners HERE.

Words by Emily Anderton
Photo by Marc Sethi

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