Bestival appearance warm-up

Replay’s Road Trip To Bestival is a competition which has given emerging artists the opportunity to perform in Replay's exclusive tent at the the award-winning, boutique festival which takes place from 8th-11th September on the Isle Of Wight.

A vast array of talented bands entered with ten being chosen to play at the critically acclaimed behemoth that is Bestival; a coup for any musicians. The bands were then split into three groups and invited to play warm up gigs at three Replay stores: Glasgow, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden. The début which took place last night at Glasgow's Ingram Street store was an impressive start to what promises to be an exciting showcase trilogy.

A selection of Scotland's beautiful people flocked to the venue and in purchasing something from the store were entered into a prize draw to win the incredible prize of a pair of Bestival tickets, plus travel and accommodation. But everyone attending was a winner; complimentary drinks, helpful staff and a cracking line up saw to that. First up to whet our collective whistles were...

The Imagineers

This young Glasgow four piece have built up an impressive grass roots following and it's easy to see why. Confident and tight with a surprisingly expansive cinematic sound they meld Duane Eddy surf guitars and Latin beats with robust melodies. Coupled with a singer that has just the right amount of charming west coast brogue, they're sure to win lots of new fans at the festival. One can't help but be reminded of Paolo Nuttini but with extra bite, edge and verve and as such their excitingly spicy set got a fair few feet tapping for 6pm on a Thursday night. Speaking with the boys later (who were charming) it was clear they are hugely excited about this opportunity. They pored their enthusiasm into a fired up set that successfully set us up for the rest of the nights proceedings.

Dimbleby & Capper

Next on stage was the lovely Laura Bettinson, a South London gal cutting quite the dash in bejewelled face and an impressive white fur hat. Her theatrical avant-pop sits well with her flamboyant image, with whispers of MIA and even Kellis in her heartfelt performance. Flanked by a bassist and drummer she let loose with the loop pedal to great effect. Looking a little constrained on the small stage, she's definitely an artist that requires a bigger forum for her larger than life expression, so will definitely one to watch at Bestival where I suspect she will come into her own, as a successful newcomer slot at Glastonbury proved earlier in the year.

The Stagger Rats

Having shared line-ups with some serious musicians in the recent past (including The View, Gill Scott-Heron and British Sea Power) Edinburgh based boys 'The Stagger Rats' appear consummate professionals rather than an upcoming band. With the requisite tight trousers, admirably pointed shoes and an impressive Hammond player they played a storming bunch of songs peppered with hints of Miles Kane and The Coral. Currently working on their début album which is due to be produced by Owen Morris of Oasis fame, their deceptively simple nursery rhyme melodies served with a big slice of swagger make these guys an exciting proposition indeed.


Already confirmed to play at Bestival, GoGoBot were the evenings headliners. The three piece have been making an impression on the Glasgow music scene with their individual take on the electro pop rock format. Immediately at ease on stage the trio are serious yet engagingly humorous. Energetic, emotional and entirely without artifice they treated us to a slew of perfect pop gems with a deeply beating rock heart, drawing on disparate influences to get their unique DIY sound across. They're certainly no slackers either, releasing a plethora of tracks from their new album, the highlight tonight being the engaging 'Turn The World Around' which has been mixed as a single by LA music producer Paul Lani, who has worked alongside David Bowie, Prince, U2. The were clearly enjoying themselves, as were the responsive crowd. All in all, a fine musical flourish to end a great evening.

It was a sweaty night for all the right reasons, the sun was shining and beautiful people were spilling onto the pavements but the heat was mostly generate by the artists themselves. Bestival watch out, these small bands might just take over.

Words by Anna Wilson
Photo by Steve Brown

View a full accompanying photo gallery from the night HERE.

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