Jets conquer Sony Ericsson Summer Party

Free champers may slip down smoothly, but its not easy playing at corporate parties to a by-invitation-only audience.

The Mystery Jets however gave a fresh and enthralling performance just a few days after their appearances at Reading and Leeds, their vocal harmonies sounding particularly vivid in an intimate club setting. Cheekily dedicating a song to 'Mr Ericsson and his Megapixels', it's clear they've got a nice line in ironic humour, but they're also not afraid to sing of passionate feelings inspired by their own personal experiences. Recent single "Half In Love With Elizabeth" evokes the tricky moments we've all had trying to get a good friend to face a few worrying truths about a wayward boyfriend. The good and bad of unfaithfulness is one theme from their current album, "21", but we also heard brighter tunes including "Two Doors Down", where a dry drum machine intro strikes a harsh contrast to the emotional intensity of lead singer Blaine Harrison. Speaking to Clash Music, he confidently predicted the best is yet to come, so those who get tickets for their upcoming UK tour this autumn are in for a real treat.

Words: Luke Metcalfe

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