Tea-drinker entertains the Dundee massive

This was, of course, your average gig. Stagger in at half ten, hit the merchandise stall, purchase cup of tea and biscuit, then watch interactive animations blended over a loving mix of soul, jazz and afrobeat. Needless to say, there was a lot of love in the room.

Mr Scruff began proceedings early. Very early. He played for four-and-a-half hours. Yet he mastered the long set, moving through tempos and beats like a reciting poet, at a magical volume. Plenteous bass to shake your lungs, but quiet enough for drunken chatter. Come midnight, the tea-drinking Manc had reached second gear, and the extrovert lone jiver of the dancefloor was joined by the hundreds that had previously propped up the bar. Animations began to flourish upon the projectors, and an order to "Wobble those legs" was issued. 'Spandex Man' sufficed as a leg-wobbling rumba.

The potato-based art of Scruff added a unique visual and humorous dynamic to the performance. A vibrating amp (with a face) graced the screen during bass-laden tracks and hundreds of dancing and trumpeting characters appeared during floor-fillers. Tongue-in-cheek messages would emerge gradually throughout the gig, moving from the subtle "mind the bass" to "warning: bass" until the more arresting "BEWARE OF THE BASS". The bass, however, was not half as dangerous as the 100% effort/0% skill dance moves that littered the floors, climaxing in some impromptu break-dancing during a brilliant rendition of 'Once In a Lifetime' by Talking Heads. When I say breakdancing, I mean an assortment of flailing limbs, ending with all participants lying on the floor. Three admitting defeat, one still attempting to do the 'worm'.

The finale showcased Mr Scruff at his tasteful mixing best, as he fired into his very own jazzed-up banger, 'Get A Move On'. A soulful brass band instrumental of 'Sexual Healing' completed the night, literally and emotionally. A venue specific animation appeared and "Big up all Dundee massive" resulted in the rapturous excitement seen at Take That gigs, when a teenage girl is convinced they pointed at her during 'How Deep Is Your Love'.


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