Born to perform
Miles Kane - Live At Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow

Over recent years there’s been many an indie frontman with obvious raw talent. But their god-like attitude and super inflated egos just make you want to kick them in the nuts, take a pair of pliers to their coke-addled nostrils, and kick them right back into their mummy's womb, where they truly belong.

Miles Kane is a different matter entirely. Yes he’s got the swagger jagger, yes he’s got the bravado, and yes he’s got one of those stereotypical Quadrophenia style haircuts (no offence Miles). But there’s something more to him than all of his predecessors; you get the distinct impression that he genuinely loves his audience and is hell-bent on giving them a good time. While playing at Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, this is exactly what he does.

The Wirral-born former frontman of The Rascals, The Little Flames and current co-frontman of The Last Shadow Puppets, showcases the very best from his debut solo album ‘Colour of the Trap’. Miles starts off the night with the incredibly contagious ‘Rearrange’ which has the crowd jumping and drinks being strewn from the outset. Like most of his songs, this one has a sixties Beatles edge to it, but the electric guitar riff makes your hair stand on end and skin tingle with excitement – it isn’t anything like you’ve ever heard before. He sings “Let it out, let it out, let it all out”, and that’s exactly what this song makes you feel like doing; letting everything go in one fell swoop.

Next is ‘Counting Down the Days’ and it’s evident from this song that Miles has a connection with the Arctic Monkeys. Arctic’s frontman Alex Turner is Kane’s other half in The Last Shadow Puppets and has co-written some songs for his new album. Although, there is a guitar section which sounds slightly familiar to Madness’s version of ‘It Must be Love’ and complements the overall indie influence of the song.

Miles treats the audience to his new single ‘The First of My Kind’, which is undeniably catchy. With his Lennon-style voice and crumbling lyrics, this song is, overall, forceful and serious. There’s an upbeat chorus and chilling guitar riff, which builds up near the end into a powerful explosion. His cockiness prevails when he sings “All in good time you’ll find, that I’m the first of my kind”. Normally this would be a turn off, but his stage presence is mesmerising, maybe he is the first of his kind.

Another favourite is ‘My Fantasy’ which he dedicates to the females in the audience, and he’s got them eating out the palm of his hand, they’re all loving this uncontrollable flirt. The song is romantically trippy, slow paced and violin infused; the crowd could listen to it for hours.

The final song is ‘Come Closer’, with Miles playing an interlude guitar sequence at the beginning which he builds up into an absolute Hendrix-style frenzy. You can tell he wants to play on the stage forever, he doesn’t want this moment to end. The crowd are going wild, crowd surfing and chanting “Whoa, Ahhh” – the lyrics to the song.

All in all, most of Miles’s songs centre on lust, jealousy and angst. His lyrics capture the scenes perfectly; he makes you feel like you’re living every moment with him. The end result of this night is “Please sir, may we have some more?”

Words by Morven MacNeil
Photo by Euan Robertson

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