With The Kinbeats

It was a haircut-heavy crowd that shuffled into Gibson Guitar Studios to pay homage to the latest nods-to-mod rockers, The Moons; the heads of the fans were similar to that of the band in that they were covered in ‘Weller hair’ and swayed along to the rhythmic swagger of their psychedelic surf rock. Keeping the crowd warm were The Kinbeats with friendly, toe-tapping folk rock, which boasted multi-layered harmonies and CSNY-era melodies. The three brothers (and a cousin) crooned their way through a set list that wouldn’t have been out of place sound tracking an American teen drama, with the crowd basking in their musical sunlight.

The venue had really filled out by the time the main event had arrived on stage, with guitarist and lead vocalist Andy Crofts taking charge of the microphone as he greeted the room with a triumphant volley of songs that breathed a sense of youthful energy into the Studios. Crofts kept the audience visually entertained by jumping around the stage with his guitar, shaking a tambourine à la Liam Gallagher and growling into the microphone with an air of confidence bestowed to a natural front man.

The Moons’ new songs segued into their older material with ease, with the jangly 'Chinese Whispers' garnering a mass sing along in its hook-laden chorus, whereas 'Everyday Heroes'’ stamping beat ensured that there wasn’t a motionless foot in the house. Lead guitarist James Bagshaw penned the charming and engaging number 'Double Vision Love', a song that really encapsulated the spirit of the band, singing triumphantly against the challenges of adversity. Their 12-song set kept everybody bouncing on their feet for over an hour, leaving the audience with a smile on their faces; tonight will have undoubtedly helped The Moons on their way to becoming rising stars.

Words by David Harfield

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