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Levi’s put on quite a show last night, inviting London music fans down to their flagship store on Regent Street to enjoy an evening of denim clad tunes. It was the first of the three Origins gigs, giving fans the chance to see for themselves the bands in the running to support Primal Scream for their gig at the Electric Brixton next month. Fans can actually vote for the act they want to see play with Primal Scream over at

Kicking off the series of warm-up gigs were trippy trio Nedry and former Clash Ones To Watch Swimming. Last night was the all-important time to shine as fans are still able to vote on their top two.

The pressure was on, but Nedry didn’t seem too phased as they stepped up to the plate. Having just returned from playing on the Iceland Airwaves line up, the band seemed adequately chilled. Their set seamlessly blended from trip-hop and through electronica. It then landed with a quiver of upfront dubstep that prompted a wave of motion throughout the audience.

With a sound like Ayu Okakita’s, it’s hard to avoid the Björk comparison. Her ghostly voice washed over the audience and culminated in chillingly powerful screams. These guys would have absolutely no problem captivating the audience supporting Primal Scream next month.

Next up, Swimming quite literally filled the stage. An intimate gig in many senses of the word. Guitarist Joff Spittlehouse (who, incidentally, may well have one of the best names in music) looked about set to topple off the stage. But these boys seemed more than comfortable with it and their enjoyment was mirrored by that of the audience. Tearing through their set, they aired tracks from their debut album and also a few from their up-coming second, Ecstatics International, which is set for release on Halloween.

These gigs will be followed by two more at the same location. The next will be Dry the River and Let’s Buy Happiness, tonight at 7.30. This will be followed by Worship and Visions of Trees tomorrow. Once the final votes have been tallied, two out of the six bands will be given the honour of supporting Primal Scream on what could be one of their final gigs with Mani in tow.

There’s still time to vote and make your mark! Head over to and get voting.

Words by Emily Anderton
Photos by Tom Bunning


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