And Summer Camp

It’s the second day of The Craft of Art shows up at the Levi store and tonight’s show heralds a sense of whimsy, effervescence or dare I say it gaiety. Oh yes, I do profess to be so bold in my narration. Excitable members of the crowd appear to be buoyant in anticipation for the intimate Magic Numbers performance. But before we get ahead of ourselves the new Moshi Moshi signings Summer Camp are first up.

If you’re not already aware Moshi Moshi are experts in digging out the finest of indie pop nuggets so in them we trust and we’re not disappointed and as the duo take the stage and wave to the onlookers, they introduce themselves and break out into an acoustic roly poly of sugar coated pop songs. As the male/female vocals bounce off each other the bearded Jeremy Warmsley strums away on his guitar like the season performer he is. A short 4 song set included new single ‘Round The Moon’ as well as an encore with Slow Club like chemistry which left everyone wanting more; a good sign. Following on from yesterday’s precedent the band banter with the audience, attempt a Geordie accent and generally declare their love for their label. When asked about they’re style of writing they reply saying that they try to keep changing their approach and try to write about fictional characters, binning the ones they don’t like. With the tomfoolery aside, they exude charm and sincerity that is only going to endear them to people.

During the short break people busy themselves with shopping and drinking but as the show begins to run late everyone hurries back for The Magic Numbers. Having been off the radar building babies and having studios; or perhaps the other way round? It’s been a while since they were last seen in a live setting, but back with a new album the new songs have more depth and emotional bearing than the pop leanings from the first two albums.

Beginning with new single ‘The Pulse’ they play mainly songs from ‘The Runaway’ as people still find themselves swooning and singing along, Romeo Stoddart’s beaming face is a very welcoming sight and with a minimal set up the stripped down songs show a great deal more character then on record. But the crowd were never going to let them leave without playing a few of their classics. So before a dungaree hanging and audience uprising could gain momentum they played ‘Love Me Like You’, dedicating it to a married couple and ending with ‘Undecided’. Whoops and cheers wash over the room like a joyous tidal wave and with a microphone handed to them they begin regaling stories of forming the band, being nervous at seeing everyone close up in the room to confessing that this is the first real album they’ve written, referring to the first to a more a collection of songs and how now they’re more focused and have a bigger sound.

So there you have it, lessons have been learnt, songs were sung and The Magic Numbers rocked the Levi’s Store. And, in case it ever comes up; Sean Gannon’s best ever gig was Napalm Death at Subterrania in 1987. Facts my friends, they all come in handy one day.

Word by Lee Puddefoot

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