With The Brute Chorus

Day three of the Levi show sees the addition of amps, and volume. Just like a real life rock show. Imagine, that?

Those guilty of possessing this aural armoury are Londoners The Brute Chorus, who, wilfully and with intent take over the make shift stage and give a performance that not only included vigour, but also contained, sweat! Which was, on more than one occasion launched towards the unsuspecting public, it was no less a display of unashamed bravado and showmanship to be reckoned with; Tom Verlaine and Jonathan Richman gone rockabilly if you like.

Their 4 song set explodes with juddering bass lines, vivacious display of energy and duelling vocals. The whiskey soaked bar room rock n roll they play is brutally irresistible. With everyone painfully close to breaking out in a ramshackle barn dance they belt out new single ‘Heaven’ and the Crampsesque ‘Birdman’. Their new album ‘How The Caged Bird Sings’ is in the bag and its something they talk fondly about albeit whilst slightly out of breath. The dashing sight of beads of sweat dripping off front man James Steele’s upper-lip furniture is apparent as he talks about the less than comfortable conditions recording the album in a very large room in a very remote and not more than a little cold part of the country. 8 Days was enough for them to get everything done – one take each he jokes.

L.A. based songstress Lissie is next on and with her debut album recently released it seems she can do no wrong. Largely lauded as a great album by an array of critics her blend of country, blues, folk, gospel and pop provides a picturesque podium to stand on. Casual in her demeanour she emits a natural beauty that is charming to be in the presence of, standing with her guitar her blonde hair tumbles over her face as her backing band perfectly keep the rhythm tight. The infectious ‘’Little Lovin’ and ‘’Everywhere I Go’ are the stand out points of a set that is littered with emotional nuggets. Sipping from a bottle of water she poo-poo’s suggestions that she should have some Tequila, confessing that although it may be her trademark drink, she cant deal with the hangover’s these days.

A good 20 minutes is spent chatting with members of the audience with subjects ranging from how she writes her music to which bars to go to in Nashville, not the tacky ones of course. That’s the last thing you want to do. With this weeks section of music drawn to a close it’s been an interesting few days with a broad-ranging selection of music, but Lissie has been a good way to end it. Real, emotional stripped down song writing. Next up; ex-Beta Band member Steve Mason.

Words by Lee Puddefoot

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