There simply isn’t enough Weezer in the world

While we can all pretend we’re looking forward to the headliners at this year’s festival, realistically there’s one band we’re truly giddy about. Weezer may have failed to produce a good album in five years but their performance makes up for all the nastiness in Weezer world.

From the moment Rivers Cuomo appears we know we’re in for a treat. Rushing around like a duck on ecstasy he grabs at audience members, dances manically from billboards and even brings a trampoline on the stage. Dream setlists of ‘The Sweater Song’, ‘Say It Aint So’ and ‘Buddy Holly’ become a reality along with Lady Gaga, MGMT and Wheatus covers as we’re left reeling at the band’s psychotic show.

Sure, they may have changed since 1995, and we are left tolerating new material but as Cuomo climbs up another billboard and jumps off, causing a crowd stampede we’re left thinking there simply isn’t enough Weezer in the world.

Words by Ruth Offord

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