The band who kick started a life of music listening

For a whole generation The Libertines were the band who kick started a life of music listening. Up The Bracket marked a new world of riotous guitar scraps after squeaky clean pop.

But over the years, with the fights, the jail sentences and the drugs, the message of the Libertines has been left tarnished and murky. On the main stage the band attract a bigger audience than any of the headliners but it’s hard to find the fans among The Sun readers.

In truth Pete and Carl are no headliners and as they face their crowd the pair look anxiously shy. Hardly a word is spoken as songs from Up The Bracket are rushed through and come to a rather abrupt end.

Carl leads each track, nodding to Pete for back up, yet there’s nothing truly inspiring to see. Slowly the pair unravel as ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ wins over the crowd. But as Pete and Carl are left affectionately hugging but there’s no collective sense of joy from the thousands watching. Instead we’re left singing ‘Time For Heroes’ and still wishing to revisit 2002.

Words by Ruth Offord

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