With Weezer, Blink 182, Cypress Hill

Today as Reading is recovering from a major G’n’R faux pas, Leeds stands unaware of the storm brewing in its direction.
The unworldly hums of Wild Beasts on the NME stage brings a relaxing rhythm to the early afternoon but it's not long until the main stage battles its way into oblivion.

Limp Bizkit maybe the novelty/nostalgic act of the day but within seconds Fred Durst has the crowd praising his name. The bands rhythms grab and assault the listener until we're left crawling and begging for more.

Followed by Cypress Hill we're left thinking smoking a joint and getting tattoos is the only way forward. Luckily Weezer are here to bring back 1995.

Of course we find the band have changed a bit since but Rivers tries his best to turn back time. We're treated to ‘My Name Is Jonas’ and ‘The Sweater Song’ but it's Rivers behaviour which grabs all the attention. Footballs, trampolines and climbing on members of the audience are all included in his bizarre onstage antics as he dons a blonde wig and sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’. Most of the Paramore fans are left staring in disbelief as the group manages to outshine every band of the day.

As we wander towards Paramore we instead wait for Blink-182 who unfortunately fail to bring back our teenage years. Tom DeLonge's vocals still remain that of a surly teenager but we're tempted towards the riotous noises of British Sea Power, who have even brought their traditional bear out of retirement for the occasion.

The band stick to theatrics, sing-a-longs and keep the seagull noises to a bare minimum- yet there isn't a single breather in their set. The group rush through song after song leaving us positively reeling from the ride.

As everyone leaves after another successful day we can’t help but wonder if this is the calm before the storm. Either way by Sunday night they’ll either be a riot or one of the best Leeds Festivals in recent years.

Words by Ruth Offord

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