At Serbia's Exit Festival
Faith No More Live

Co-headlining the third night of Serbia’s Exit Festival with electro duo the Chemical Brothers, US hard-rockers Faith No More were up against stiff competition in the crowd stakes. Coming on almost an hour late did not appease the dance fans itching to get their groove on, so there was immediate need to break the tension in the audience.

This Mike Patton and co. successfully did by arriving on stage in outfits best suited to an 80s wedding hall, and singing a cover of Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited” (in the original R&B style). It was the calm before the storm, however, as he launched full throttle back into FNM catalogue soon after. A shame, then, that his first interaction with the crowd was an encouraging, “Come on Yugoslavia!” Should’ve done your research, mate.

Aside from FNM standards, Patton also dedicated some time to congratulating the Spanish ­– who had won the World Cup final not one hour beforehand – by singing chants and Spanish-language music.

Back in FNM territory, he excitedly started clambering atop some hefty-looking security guards and attempted to crowd-surf, to mixed results. It’s just lucky he’s a singer in a rock band – the looks on those guards’ faces did not indicate happiness. Besides the classic “Ashes to Ashes”, most definitely the highlight of the set was his escalation of one of the camera poles singing through a microphone jammed into his mouth. As he peered over the audience he was now hovering above, the crowd went crazy. I think I heard the thud of a fainting H&S officer over in England. And THAT us why Patton is still the king!

Words bny Jen Wilson

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