Not your run-of-the-mill pop princess
Ellie Goulding Live

Ellie Goulding isn’t your run-of-the-mill pop princess. Check out that voice. Not a vocoder in sight - that exquisite trademark bird-like vibrato is all her own and she wastes no time in treating us to it by launching into ‘Under the Sheets’, one of the arm wavingly infectious anthems that’s in store tonight. And wave their arms is exactly what the crowd does.

Ellie is keen to chat to her audience, and wants them to be as much part of her evening as she is theirs. Her treacley-honey speaking voice contrasts with her airy vocals, and she’s relaxed making small talk with her crowd, who she thanks continually for supporting her not only this evening but through her career so far. She’s clearly grateful, which although borders on the gushy it’s nice to hear such a heartfelt acknowledgement of the relationship between fan and artist.

But she has the talent to justify the support. She plays two songs solo and acoustically - her own ‘The End’ and Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ (where she’s joined on keys by her bandmate Chris). Both are heartfelt, and Temper Trap’s contribution is beautifully interpreted while remaining true to the original - the piano compliments her gorgeous warble perfectly and the crowd’s ears are filled with a flurry of tinkling vocal bells.

Crowd favourites ‘The Writer’, ‘Guns & Horses’ and ‘Your Biggest Mistake’ are greeted with huge cheers, and new single ‘Human’ is received well - with its rhythmic slower tempo verse, lilting vocals and upbeat energetic chant-along chorus it’s bound to be an anthem of the future. Perhaps knowing this, Ellie reminds everyone this is what she does best, and finishes with ‘Starry Eyed’. Complete with enthusiastic drumming from Ellie and joyous cheers from the audience, it is indeed a worthy pop anthem.

Words by Elly Oracle
Photo by Danny Payne

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