The sun’s out and the weather’s high

The sun’s out and the weather’s high, so unsurprisingly punters are drinking in both the rays and alcoholic apple juice on what must be one of the last nice Sunday sessions of the season.

And why here, at Camden’s Lock Tavern? For a facefull of live offerings from the monthly Clash Club, of course – the upstairs room is full to bursting as boozers huddle to witness three smashing bands.

Kicking proceedings are the tongue-twister-monikered titled Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band. Calmly collected around an assortment of instruments – guitars, xylophone, clarinet and gentle drums – the live four-piece deliver an ethereal mix of folksy jams with songs lilting perfectly as sunlight streams through the windows. Shyly addressing the crowd’s applause, they seem far more interested in playing their music than trying too hard to impress the assembled throng, but nevertheless the watching mob are impressed.

Following some choice Motown cuts from Clash DJs, the second live act is Jack Steadman, lead singer of the truly brilliant Bombay Bicycle Club, playing a special solo acoustic set. Stripping back his band’s usual Strokes-esque indie rock to its purest core, the down-tempo and emotionally weighty set shows what talent the modest, duffle-coated lad has.

Headliners Red Light Company have enjoyed a degree of industry buzz, and the fivesome – fronted by Iggy Pop-alike Richard Frenneaux – are forced into spilling from the stage and into the crowd to get everybody in place. They impress onlookers with a tight set of polished pop-rock culminating in their next single, the summery ‘Scheme Eugene’. The band lay it on thick and fast for the hot, sweaty and full room, but before long it’s time to bid adieu to the summer drinks. Bring on boozing in scarves at the next Clash Club, in November.

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