Clash rocks the capital again...

It’s a well known fact that the best shit at parties always goes down in the kitchen. Which borne true in East London last night as a trinity of hotly tipped bands littered the Clash stage spraying out attitude and talent in completely distinct directions at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.

Baddies were up first though sonically should have been last. Yet their burgeoning status meant that hardly a single in the bag has been heard and they exist in a word of hype. Yet their tersely delivered rock barrage is captivating and is a sure fire success for 2009. Mingling witty, sometime surreal social observations over thrilling garaged rock this four piece from Southend look just about set to exceed the hype that clouds translucent judgement.

After a pert set and abrupt finish Dan Black took to the stage as the venue notably swelled in numbers. Mr Black himself looking ripe for fame even if his back-catalogue is a tad behind schedule. A modern mismatched band, they appear like they have wandered in from different dressing rooms whilst their music is a heavily processed and mildly glitchy back drop for Mr Black’s vocal flips. Sounding somewhere between a Topshop sponsored Mika and a Thom Yorke spiked with Prozac - he’s not to everyone’s tastes yet his modern song forms certainly flicked a switch with the crowd who even in London terms seemed more than receptive. Set closer, ‘Yours’ was clearly light years ahead of the rest of the bands’ songs. Already a successful single Dan Black will have to work hard to push the rest of his artistic oeuvre to the same polished and anthem drenched zenith as currently ‘Yours’ resembles a sore thumb amongst soft fingers of songs.

Headliners were Frightened Rabbit, boys from Selkirk who have had a great year at the hands of their very own Caledonian talents. Deep, post rock peppered with detail and strong Scottish brogues swept one into a subtle musical trance. With their current Christmas song: ‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop’ their main priority they were in fine mood to slake their murky and intricate rhythmic landscapes across the Hoxton haunt. Frightened Rabbit’s year has been fairly immense in terms of their understated reputation, their album ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ has wooed widely and their layered and detailed arrangements have found a perfect home on Fat Cat records. They grace the Clash end of year issue within the top new comers sections (see issue on December 4th) effortlessly and no doubt earned them a good number of new fans in Hoxton’s red hot Kitchen.

A fine winters evening for the stark reality of talents to stand clear, Clash Live continues from strength to nomadic strength: next up their Christmas party.

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Words by Tim Scrapings / Check out our photo gallery HERE

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