I bet that we look good on the dancefloor!

In what was supposed to be dubbed a Northern Soul club night to celebrate the International fashion trade show ‘Bread And Butter’ in Catalan’s most authentic Dance hall The Apolo, The Arctic Monkeys made a great club night extra special.

With legendary DJ Keb Darge pulling out due to a last minute illness, the Clash crew were stuck for a headline DJ. Two Monkeys happened to be in town and a chance meeting led to this surprise guest appearance. They wanted to party and did just that, a huge thanks to Sheffield’s finest! Clash too were well represented with most of the team in attendance to witness this serendipitous live encounter

After Resident Clash DJs and ‘Boogie Nights’ DJs had the ‘Powder Rooms’ regular moving to funk and soul with a touch of rockabilly rhythms, I wondered just how the Arctic Monkeys would go down. Would this be welcomed by the Catalonian fashionistas who did look good on the dance floor and were openly strutting the club, or would their chosen tunes be out of sync?

It was easy to see that The Monkeys were having a ball with their entourage en masse joining in on the decks. Their balls to the wall attitude they took the crowd to a new level and rocked the party into the wee small hours.

They swayed the room with a blend of music that at times was intoxicating and it was fantastic to watch their contagious enthusiasm transferred into the party creating a rush to the front to get closer to the action.

A big thanks to the arctic Monkeys and their crew for making this a memorable night - and in the words of our Spanish entourage...

Una noche cojonuda!

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