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Big Chill 2010: Tensnake

For those of you that don’t know the Tensnake sound it’s therapeutically vintage with a revivalist touch of both 80’s and 90’s influences, combined with modern production techniques made for today’s dance floors. He’s produced quite possibly the dance hit of the summer in ‘Coma Cat’, which was originally released earlier on independent label ‘Permanent Vacation’ earlier in year but has just been signed to house heavy-weights ‘Defected’.

Here at Big Chill Tensnake (real name Marco Niemerski) seems really excited: “This is where it’s at” he confirms as we ponder over what truly makes the ultimate party scene, “all these people are willing to spend a few nights sleeping in a field and are having the time of their lives!”

The crowd is charged and ready for this fairly new super star producer, his sound is unashamedly retro but that doesn’t seem to determine the type of people he’s drawn to his set the Big Chill, with ages ranging from 14 years old to late 50’s.

Marco starts his set with one of his slower tracks and builds through an hour long journey playing only his own productions live on a Laptop. He takes in tracks like ‘Get it Right’ and disco edit ‘Burning love’ quite early on, before moving into a newer housier sound for the middle of the set that is almost ravey at times. Again, so 90’s!

By the time the ‘Can I get, can I get get’ of Coma Cat drop half way through his set the crowd were truly eating of his hands. The sun must have been shining so brightly in Marco’s mind when he produced this masterpiece, and as he played it at Big Chill a rainbow arched over the top of the Starburst stage and the crowd were wooping not only for the track but the sight behind them.

He ends his set with his new remix of Azari & III’s ‘Reckless with your love’ which was blogged from Brighton to Bangladesh a thousand times over just when it appeared as a 3 minute snippet on Soundcloud a few months back! It’s slightly more downbeat than the rest of his set and didn’t really pump up the crowd as Coma Cat did, but ended on a perfect note to take it down before the stage shut for an hour to make way for Tom Yorke on the mainstage.

It was only an hour set but Tensnake rocked it at the Big Chill. 2010 is definitely his year so check him out now!

Words by Bee Adamic

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